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The fragrance that plunges you into the heart of the Niassa plains!

For the first time, Caron perfumer Jean JACQUES offers the scent of mahogany flowers in a sumptuous soliflore, where the power of white flowers is softened by the juicy freshness of star fruit.

Le parfum qui vous plonge au cœur des plaines de Niassa!!

Jean JACQUES, parfumeur chez Caron, offre pour la première fois, à travers ce parfum l’odeur de la fleur d’acajou dans un somptueux soliflore où la puissance des fleurs blanches est adoucie par la fraîcheur juteuse de la carambole.

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The fragrance that plunges you into the heart of the Niassa plains

Belle de Niassa is a testament to the power of olfactory memory as it tells the story of the discovery and recovery of the enchanting aroma of mahogany flowers in the breathtaking natural beauty of northern Mozambique . Jean JACQUES, perfumer at Caron, offers for the first time the scent of mahogany flowers in a sumptuous soliflore where the power of white flowers is softened by the juicy freshness of carambola.

Here is the olfactory description of Belle de Niassa by Caron

"Belle de Niassa by Caron is a captivating fragrance that skilfully combines notes of white flowers and carambola to create a unique and enchanting olfactory experience.

White Flowers side :

Absolu Jasmin Open Flower For Life LMR from India: This jasmine essence, harvested in India, brings floral richness and exotic sensuality to the composition.

Absolu Jasmin Sambac MD LMR from India: Sambac jasmine, also native to India, adds a bewitching, sophisticated dimension with its warm, opulent floral notes.

Madagascar LMR Ylang Ylang Essence: Ylang-ylang, from Madagascar, contributes to the softness and voluptuousness of the fragrance with its floral and sweet accords.

Absolu Ylang Ylang For Life LMR from Madagascar: This variety of ylang-ylang, also grown in Madagascar, intensifies the floral richness and depth of the fragrance.

Carambola side :

Carambola: Carambola adds an exotic, fruity touch to the fragrance, with its slightly tart, refreshing notes.

Chinese Magnolia Flower Essence: Chinese magnolia flower essence complements carambola with its delicate floral nuances and light spring freshness.

Watermelon: Watermelon adds a juicy, watery note, bringing a sensation of fruity freshness to the composition.

Blackcurrant: Blackcurrant offers a touch of depth and richness with its fruity, slightly sweet notes.

Green Mango: Green mango completes the fruity accord with its tropical sweetness and refreshing character.


Belle de Niassa & la Collection Merveilleuse

Belle de Niassa is now a prominent member of La Collection Merveilleuse, an exclusive selection of treasures from our heritage and the unique creations of Jean Jacques. This collection perfectly embodies the exceptional creativity, audacity and generosity of our House, down to the smallest detail.

The history of Maison Caron 

Maison CARON is a renowned French perfume firm, founded in 1904 by Ernest Daltroff. Its history is rich in creativity and innovation in the perfume industry. 

Ernest Daltroff was a passionate and visionary perfumer. The story goes that the creation of Maison CARON was influenced by a romantic encounter with a woman named Félicie Wanpouille, who became his muse and source of inspiration. Félicie Wanpouille played an essential role in the success of the perfume house, working closely with Daltroff to create innovative fragrances. 

CARON is famous for its luxurious fragrances and elegant bottles. One of its most iconic fragrances is "Narcisse Noir", launched in 1911, which has become a timeless classic of French perfumery. This fragrance was created in honor of Félicie Wanpouille, who was a great lover of narcissus. 

Over the decades, CARON has continued to create innovative fragrances and expand its product range to include women's and men's perfumes, body care products and other scented accessories. 

Maison CARON is also known for its commitment to the art of traditional perfumery. It has preserved and perpetuated artisanal manufacturing methods and perfume composition techniques dating back to its beginnings, enabling it to maintain the quality and authenticity of its creations.

With over a century of history, Maison CARON continues to seduce perfume lovers the world over with its unique expertise and heritage of olfactory excellence. It remains an emblematic figure in the French perfume industry and a source of inspiration for many contemporary perfumers. 


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