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Santal Majuscule| Serge Lutens - Eau De Parfum Mixte - Collection Noire


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In life-size capital letters, when Lutens was a pupil, he showed the importance of things, times and places by systematically capitalizing the names that fascinated him. From this childhood obsession was born an illuminated Middle Ages.

The fragrance's character

A collection of perfumes designed by Serge Lutens, in his own image! Minimalist, straight, angular and uncompromising, each bottle reflects the exacting standards and uncompromising character of its creator. A sobriety that presents itself as a manifesto, highlighting the richness and sumptuousness of juices with scents and colors as varied and nuanced as the precious stones and facets of our personalities.

Here is the olfactory description of Santal Majuscule by Serge Lutens

Top notes:

The fragrance opens with warm, spicy notes of cocoa, creating an intriguing, gourmand first impression. These initial notes set the stage for the rich woody aromas to come.

Heart notes:

The heart of the fragrance is dominated by sandalwood, an iconic woody note known for its warmth and depth. Sandalwood in "Santal Majuscule" is presented majestically, evoking creamy, slightly spicy nuances. These notes offer a velvety, enveloping sensation.

Base notes:

The fragrance's base notes include rose accents, which add a subtle floral dimension. Rose blends harmoniously with sandalwood, creating a balance between woody warmth and floral softness.

Overall sensation

In imposing capital letters, the young Lutens attributed monumental importance to objects, times and places. By systematically capitalizing names that captivated him, he gave birth to a richly illustrated medieval vision.

"Santal Majuscule" evokes oriental sophistication, highlighting the rich character of sandalwood with gourmand and floral nuances. It's a fragrance that embodies opulence and subtlety, ideal for those who appreciate warm, woody scents.


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