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Tabac Noir | Caron - Eau De Parfum Mixte - Collection Merveilleuse

The mythical honeyed leather accord of Tabac Blond is revisited with the woody strength of Indonesian patchouli.

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Tabac Noir, a composition of great generosity... 

Because Tabac Noir Eau de Parfum is an extraordinarily generous composition. 

Composed of leather, honey and notes of dry hay, Balkan tobacco absolute is a multi-faceted ingredient. To resist it, Jean Jack proposes a dark woody note of papyrus warmth and the smoky effects of cedar wood. 

Here is a description of the olfactory composition of Tabac Noir by Caron : 

Top notes: 

"The fragrance opens with notes of Bulgarian sylvan tobacco and Madagascar pepper. These initial notes bring an intense, spicy entry to the fragrance, evoking the warmth and complexity of tobacco. 

Heart notes: 

At the heart of the composition, tobacco notes take center stage. This note is rich, warm and slightly sweet. It is accompanied by nuances of papyrus, rockrose and Indonesian patchouli leaf. These notes add a woody, earthy dimension to the fragrance, creating a sophisticated, bewitching character. 

Follow-up notes: 

Base notes include gourmand accords of honey and tonka bean, as well as woody notes of cedar and vanilla sweetness. Honey and tonka bean bring a sweet, comforting sweetness, while cedar adds a subtle woody dimension to the composition. Vanilla adds a touch of warmth and indulgence, creating an enveloping, memorable trail.  


Tabac Noir, a blend of power and sensuality...

It's a spicy oriental composition suitable for those seeking a rich, sensual fragrance for special occasions. Caron's "Tabac Noir" is ideal for those who want to leave a memorable impression of the depth and seductiveness of tobacco, with spicy, woody and gourmand notes that blend harmoniously to create an unforgettable olfactory experience. 

The history of Maison Caron

Maison CARON is a renowned French perfume house, founded in 1904 by Ernest Daltroff. Its history is rich in creativity and innovation in the perfume industry. 

Ernest Daltroff was a passionate and visionary perfumer. The story goes that the creation of Maison CARON was influenced by a romantic encounter with a woman named Félicie Wanpouille, who became his muse and source of inspiration. Félicie Wanpouille played an essential role in the success of the perfume house, working closely with Daltroff to create innovative fragrances. 

CARON is famous for its luxurious fragrances and elegant bottles. One of its most iconic fragrances is "Narcisse Noir", launched in 1911, which has become a timeless classic of French perfumery. This fragrance was created in honor of Félicie Wanpouille, who was a great lover of narcissus. 

Over the decades, CARON has continued to create innovative fragrances and expand its product range to include women's and men's perfumes, body care products and other scented accessories. 

Maison CARON is also known for its commitment to the art of traditional perfumery. It has preserved and perpetuated artisanal manufacturing methods and perfume composition techniques dating back to its beginnings, enabling it to maintain the quality and authenticity of its creations. 

With over a century of history, Maison CARON continues to seduce perfume lovers the world over with its unique expertise and heritage of olfactory excellence. It remains an emblematic figure in the French perfume industry and a source of inspiration for many contemporary perfumers.


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